The Guide to Buying the Perfect Corset

2When buying a corset be sure to look around and why not make it as a serious shopping experience.  Whether it may be your first or hundredth time there are so many things to consider in choosing the right one.  The reason behind your purchase and where you are buying the corset play a big role.  Keeping also in mind your body and size which are key to picking out the proper corset.

There are many things you should ask yourself, are you buying this corset for fashion, medical or for slimming purposes. Is this more of a last minute buy or something you have been thinking about for quite some time. Knowing the reasons why you are buying the corset will be so helpful In determining what you buy is exactly what you set out for.

Knowing your body is the next thing you will need to know besides the reasoning behind your purchase.  The purpose of a corset is to slim up to your torso.  Their main purpose is to sit tight against your body pushing up your upper chest area. So knowing your measurements starting from your hips, waist chest size will be key getting a proper fitting corset. Also you need to figure out if what you are interested in purchasing is either an overbust or under bust corset.  The difference being that overbust corsets sit atop your breasts and underbust sit underneath.  Some use the underbust as a slimming corset that can be worn underneath garments.  Both can be worn casually or intimate.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a corset is the boning. There are two methods  used which are very popular those are steel and plastic.  They are the most commonly used inside of corsets to stabilize and stiffen the corset against your body.  Boning in corsets is what gives the ability to flatten your stomach. Plastic boning is more often used then steel boning primary because it is less expensive.  Steel tends to be pricier but are way more durable. Steel boning is more commonly used in lacing.

If you are looking to purchase a corset simply as a shopping experience then plastic boning will do. They will still get the job done as the fabrics and material are very flexible.  Typically a couple of good stores to buy corsets are (my first choice) and, both provide good shipping and fair prices.

There is a variety of places that you may find your perfect match. Searching the internet or visiting your local lingerie store will carry a selection.  When buying online make sure to read the sizing chart and understand where your measurements fit so that you may pick the right one for you.  You may also inquire and ask questions if you unsure of sizing and how it will fit you. Majority of stores are happy to help and have general knowledge of their inventory.  You may also call or live chat sales representatives who may be able to help you on the spot.  All in all corset shopping can be fun and an experience especially if you’re a first time buyer.1

Passion for High Heels

1Women love heels and that’s a true fact. When it comes to shoe buying, women dominate that market hands down. There is a huge demand in high heels and are constantly being manufactured all over the world. With millions of stores world wide both online and local whom cater to the woman and her high heel needs. Do you ever stop to think and  wonder why that is, well why don’t we take a closer look.

Everyone wants to look good, especially true for women as they are always on a hunt for the newest and sexiest pair of high heels. There is also the demand to pair your high heels with your ensemble . For example, like when you end up buying those red high heels simply because they match your all time favorite red dress Or those shiny tie around stilletos on the display window because they match your flowing dress hanging in your closet. We all feel the need to compliment our wardrobe.

We all have different taste. Let’s face it we all have varying taste in wardrobe and shoes. Just because your friends may dislike the pair of high heels you bought over the weekend does not mean that the pair of high heels you purchased are hideous in any way. All it means is that your friends have different than you. Which is the reason why there are so many types and styles of high heels manufactured daily. Designers are always thinking out of the box to please women and their high heel needs.

We all seek comfort. Finding that stunning pair of heel which are also comfortable sometimes may be a mission. I myself have found that it’s hard to find that sexy rhinestone pair which also don’t hurt my back or the back of my foot after long wear. So we continue shopping and looking, with so many high heels to choose from you will always find that perfect high heel or heels for that matter. It doesn’t hurt to buy the perfect pair in many colors to match some of your top notch wardrobe.

2Well whatever the case maybe, one thing remains a fact. Women love their high heels as much as they love their favorite dresses. This type of foot wear works together to both compliment and perfect your wardrobe. They accentuate your sexy legs and showcase your beautiful feet. A little helpful tip ladies, getting your toes manicured or painted in a sexy color will work wonders. You would be surprised to learn just how many people notice your tosies. So as you can see for many of us women high heels are a major passion. They play a big role in our daily lives as attire and accessory which are well needed. Love them or hate them somehow someone somewhere will make them work.

How to Dress to Impress

1“Dress to Impress”, a quote we have heard over and over again while growing up. Well the statement is true but so much more lies behind that statement. For example there are those people who think really expensive brand name clothing is the only way to achieve that which is an incorrect conception.  When in fact many celebrities themselves face many blunders caught by the media. So it isn’t the brand name or the price that determine how you will impress. You can find many non branded clothing that are just as stunning and that will make you look like a million bucks for half the price.  you can find some options for sexy lingerie here at Orchid Dreams Fashion or you can just visit the best cocktail dresses blog at

It all begins with how you feel inside and how confident you are in what you wear. You can have the sexiest dress on or the most impressive chic ensemble gathered but if inside of it you can’t sell it then the world will see that. Confidence is key to impressing your date or that special someone. Let’s face it the world sees what you show.

Look to see and find an outfit that works for every occasion. Like the formal long dress, to the cocktail mid length dinner dress or the Sunday dressed down yet still pretty little outfit. Even when going to the mall or gym make sure to have on hand great tights, pants or sweaters that compliment your style. Wear clothing that best compliments your skin color, bright colors work great on lighter skin such as neon colors and so on while darker colors or pastel look better on tanned darker skin. You can mix and match to your liking as long as you stand out in a good way not a bad way. There is such a thing as standing out for the wrong reasons and this is something that you would want to avoid as that would definitely defeat the purpose of what you are trying to do, which is to impress.

Before you head out on your date, do some planning before hand like get your favorite dress or skirt or even pants out and don’t be afraid to fashion off in front of your mirror. You can never go wrong with preparation as to avoid last minute catastrophes.  I mean it is only you and the mirror even if some look awful, who would tell.  Practice makes perfect, over time you will start to recognize what sorts of colors seem to work best on you. For a date, my suggestion in impressing a man is to find a delightful little number and go easy on the makeup. I would highly suggest against caking on and baking in that black eyeshadow. Keep it light and simple, let everything speak for itself.

Make sure to wear something very comfortable as you do not wanna be reaching over throughout the date. You don’t want him to think you’re bored or simply uninterested. You wanna enjoy your meals or drinks hasslefree.  Afterall, we know first impressions matter and you want to do your best to look your best without looking like you have been up all night trying.